Who We Are

Teams tailored for your challenge and industry

Blue Noda was built by digital veteran and marketing ops fanatic, Andrea Salemi, who has had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most recognizable brands including Harvard, BU, Shell, and currently Parker Hannifin.
My idea was sparked in the wake of the global pandemic. The marketing and advertising industry has been standing idly as the traditional agency model has outlived its purpose. Inflated overhead, poor internal procedure, and high client churn and burn-out rate have been commonplace. An agency should not be burdened by an opposing force for selfish means and dreaded up-sells; they should be integrated into your team and hold a genuine concern for your success. The best relationships are symbiotic.

Building off proficiencies of the traditional agency model, we aim to take some of the best elements and blend them with the clinical execution and tested mind-frame of a scrum framework. The concept of ‘agile’ derives from software development and we have taken cues here to address every element in our service delivery, from inbound marketing to lead generation and sales enablement. We want to co-create something that can be replicated for greater wins.

I sketched out Blue Noda in a coffee shop after getting laid off due to bad business operations and I was fed up. Traditional agencies are built on a poor business model and run by creatives that do not understand how to build a well-oiled machine and scale

‘Blue’ is for transparency and honesty in our client partnerships.

‘Nodes’ represent control tests within a comprehensive strategy - connecting all of our channels and tactics to drive future more focused campaigns.

…and the ‘a’ in ‘Noda’ is an ode to data driving everything we do.

“I want people to know Blue Noda exists and will continue to grow because I am offering a fair and valuable product.”

-Andrea Salemi, CEO

Every seed I am planting from conception is to build a network of talented individuals and agency partners that are aligned in their ethical principles and perspective of what the client deserves. Agencies exist to execute and consultants exist to teach – we are a hybrid based on what the client needs. Our rates are less because at the end of the day I know how to run a sound business – and the overhead most agencies incur does not exist in this model. As we scale the rates will rise a bit but there is a sweet spot. 

Just because something is more expensive does not mean it is more valuable…. the strategy I execute for clients today big and small is based on the same strategic foundation and project management style that I served to Shel Catalysts & Technologies, Harvard University, and currently Parker Hannifin’s Industrial Filtration Department. The strategy has taken me a long time to master and I will humbly tell everyone I am learning every day – because I choose to surround myself with the best.

Listen and Learn

A True Consultative Approach

We will always begin with a consult and then ask for a few more items to review. This information allows us to properly assess the services your team needs. From there, we offer flexible contracts starting at 3-months to show you the proof in the pudding.

Over the past decade, I have been blessed to cross paths with brilliant technical writers, fresh creatives, and methodical developers, to accumulate a pool of talent within each industry who truly enjoy what they do. When you collaborate with us, we ensure your team is specialized and fluent in your industry. No more entry-level account managers running your overarching marketing strategy, or “industry-agnostic” writers crafting highly technical content. It’s the dawn of a new day.

True Partnerships

Begin with the Right Questions


A free consultation takes about 15-20 min. Our team will listen and send any follow-up questions needed for expansion.

If we find that we are aligned for your challenge we will request a call with decision-makers.

The final call will allow us to review what we heard and what we can do together.

3-Month Proposal

A free consultation takes about 15-20 min. Our team will listen, send follow-up questions, and send a proposal. If we find that we are aligned for your challenge we will request a call with decision-makers.

This call will be about 30min to review what we heard and what we can do for your team.

All proposals are customized to your challenge, and marketing ecosystem.

It is our mission to supply you with a set of services and expertise that enhance your in-house team. We will send your team a proposal and begin negotiations for a 3-Month contract. All contracts begin with a 3-month commitment to ensure we have enough time from onboarding to launch.


We will select your team and schedule a kick-off.

Our timing for your contract does not begin at the singing of the contract but rather after the completion of kick-off.

From the date of signing, we will require a certain amount of access, the definition of roles for future communication, and sign-off of workflows.

Integration with your team requires alignment from the first step. You will always hear or read about a ‘solid foundation’ when it comes to our approach.

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