Building an Agile Agency During COVID-19

Our idea was sparked in the wake of the global pandemic. The marketing and advertising industry has been standing idly as the traditional agency model has outlived its purpose. Bloated overhead, poor internal procedure, and high client churn and burn-out rate have been commonplace. An agency shouldn’t be deadweight or worse, an opposing force out for selfish means and dreaded upsells; they should be a natural extension of your team and genuinely concerned with your success. The best relationships are symbiotic.

Blue Noda was built by two veteran digital strategists and marketing ops fanatics who have had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Building on the complementarities shared by both founders, we aim to take some of the best elements of the agency model and blend with the clinical execution and testing mind-frame of a scrum framework. The concept of ‘agile’ derives from software development and we have taken cues here to inform every element of our service delivery, from inbound marketing to lead generation and sales enablement. We want to co-create something that can be replicated for greater wins.

Over the past decade, our team has also been blessed to cross paths with brilliant technical writers, fresh creatives and methodical developers, to accumulate a pool of talent within the states who truly enjoy what they do. When you collaborate with us, we ensure your team is specialized and fluent in your industry. No more account people running the overarching marketing strategy or “industry-agnostic” writers crafting highly technical content. It’s the dawn of a new day.

A Balance of Consultant + Agency Partner

Blue Noda is a Digital Marketing Agency based in New York City that specializes in lead generation. When we start with a call, we listen to your challenges and define your current marketing ecosystem – who your team is, what their roles are, who your agency partner(s) are, and how they currently support your team. From there, we can properly assess the best approach and balance of our services to enhance your ecosystem – as opposed to overlapping skillsets and wasting time and money.

We are a virtual team. This allows us to choose the best people for the job as opposed to being restricted to location. This allows us to pay for talented people who have legitimate experience. And this allows our team to charge clients a competitive price for our services and stay flexible the needs of their strategy.

Our methodology is inbound and our execution is agile.

When our team and yours successfully integrate, communicate and execute in a timely fashion the possibility to create high-converting campaigns is endless.


  • We open up workflows with other partners to ensure all marketing efforts are working as one
  • Post Launch: Analytics + Real-Time Reporting
  • No more pointless up-sells – your account grows when it makes sense for your needs


  • Specialized teams means better content
  • Campaigns architected to hit your KPI AND strategically test to create effective messaging
  • Data always driving the next campaign – no more gut feelings


  • Flexible contracts
  • Customized engagements that enhance what you currently have in place
  • Happy teams with less turn-over producing better work – no more agency burnout

Digital Services to Increase Qualified Lead Generation

Our strategic services all work together to bring your buyers inbound through SEO, content that converts, forms that strategically qualify and email automation to nurture a decision.

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Research, product road mapping, analytics analysis, content + campaign strategy

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Copywriting for paid search, paid social, content calendars, white papers and more

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Email Automation

Nurture your leads to make a decision and enable your sales team for success

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Campaign Mgmt.

Campaigns built to perform and bring you valuable insight

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MarTech Consolidation

Too many tools can lead to confusion in your workflow and a waste of money

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Allow Google to find you and bring customers inbound to your website

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Web Design + Dev

Beautiful and functional sites that do not cost an arm and a leg

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Website Optimization

Optimize your site for increased rankings and conversions

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Consultancy Services

One of our digital strategists becomes an extension of your team, providing monthly optimization, and insights for your organization across all of our services.

The Beginning of Our Partnership

After our consultation with your team we will begin our discovery. We will request a few items to better understand your last year of marketing efforts along with access to your Google Analytics to properly analyze your website.

Our proposal to your team will be constructed to execute a 3-month campaign.

The campaign will be architected to achieve your preliminary KPI and optimized over the course of several weeks by our team to bring you valuable insights. The campaign will be implemented within our CRM environment to control all necessary tracking and alleviate your team from having to grant all access upfront.

After 3-months if you like what you see, and the team you worked with, we discuss next steps.

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a purple arrow that says 'pre-sale discovery
blue arrow that says '3-month campaign'
a blue arrow that says ' Results + Next Steps'

We Specialize in B2B - however, our methodology applies to all.

The team assembled for your engagement will understand the nuance of your industry which means better results period.









Don't see your industry?

We have worked with many others and we are happy to construct a proper proposal and team for you.

Our methodology applies to all.

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Contact the blue noda team so we can hit the ground running

We like to listen to your challenges first and see if we are a fit. No hard sells - we promise.

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